Thess’ work has appeared in national media in over six countries. Here are some of them:

Thess was part of the OSINT team led by Mark Danner covering California’s response Covid 19 for the New York Times as part of an NYT -UC Berkeley initiative.

Aside from general Covid information and OSINT, she reported on discrimination against Asians and Asian Americans in California. The initiative was led by 4-times-Pulitzer winner David Barstow.

Women in Journalism is the UK’s leading networking, training, and campaigning organisation for journalists. Thess collaborated by writing a profile on Jineth Bedoya for its project Journalist Under Thread.

Are We Europe explores what it means to be European through storytelling and cross-border journalism. Thess wrote a feature story for the 12th issue of the magazine about how to talk to people who believe in conspiracy theories.

The piece was later highlighted:

I particularly enjoyed a piece by the Spanish journalist Thess Mostoles about how to talk to a loved one who’s turned into a conspiracy theorist. And here is a Christmas link because I am sure some of you will be heading home for the holidays to see some family members or friends who might have some views (…) on the border of conspiracy theories (…), and I really recommend that you read this piece before heading into that situation” – Dominic Kraemer, The Europeans Podcast (min 31:35)

Nurall specializes in travel guides for digital nomads, where Thess has written about Madrid.

Newtral is a leading fact-checking media startup in Madrid, Spain. It also uses Artificial Intelligence to help its investigative journalism team. From 2021 to 2022, Thess was part of the fact-checking team. This team monitors politicians’ statements and parliamentary sessions and fights mis-, and disinformation. During her time at Newtral, she covered international politics, finance, new technologies, defense, and the environment.

The Local is a multi-regional, European, English-language digital news publisher with local editions in Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland. Thess’ latest piece covers the situation of Western Saharawis in refugee camps in Algeria.

While writing for The Copenhaguen Post BBC Monitoring picked up several of Thess’ stories. Click on the image for the story list and more information.

The Copenhagen Post is Denmark’s leading source for news in English since 1997. She wrote stories about national and international topics related to Denmark. Click here to see Thess’ stories.

La Torre is a local magazine in Madrid, where Thess has acted as contributor and editor, covering politics and the environment.

La Razón is a daily newspaper based in Madrid, Spain. Thess wrote for the International Desk. Click here for the story list and more information.

Walking Richmond is a Slow Journalism project by the University of Richmond students in the city of Richmond, Virginia, led by National Geographic’s senior editor Don Belt. Click on the image for the story list and more information. 

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